i think my goal starting this week will be to ask someone to hang out at least once a week. this sounds like a very low goal but it’s actually not because i rarely ask people to hang because of anxiety and my social life depends on being asked to hang/ being invited to parties/ running into…

Here’s a thought.
Your Goal should be go places alone, meet people who share common interest, that way the only person who can let you down is you…
& you wouldn’t do that would you

I really thought I deserved it more… Oh well.

If you worked hard and didn’t see results your just preparing yourself for something more.
You get what you work for.

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Why must life be a uphill battle all the time?! Ughhh

Youre climbing.
Don’t worry the top is always closer then you think



Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to be a cartoonist.

Today my art teacher said cartoons were “primitive” and “grade-school” work.

I feel really discourged to now. I mean I’ve loved cartoons all my life. And I’m always

sketching in a cartoon style.

It just really… gave me a sucky feeling.

Teachers a cunt

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